Corporate Updates

Are you a company actively seeking dedicated individuals to work within the manufacturing industry? Then look no further, CAMA will help build the right manufacturers for you.

CAMA is aiming to increase the amount of people who work in the manufacturing industry, by providing the necessary education and preparation to connect individuals with companies that have open opportunities.

Program details

CAMA works to ensure that businesses throughout the state have access to a skilled and qualified workforce. Through strategic partnerships, funding, and student education programs, CAMA is working to fill the workforce pipeline and help members find qualified job candidates, train and retain employees, discover internship funding, and advance their business.

We are committed to closing the manufacturing skills gap in Colorado. We have a two-pronged approach to correcting this labor market imbalance: boosting supply and revising demand.

Given the scarcity and prohibitive cost of skilled labor today, manufacturers must revise their talent acquisition strategies. We believe that the industry needs to transition from buying its skilled workforce to building its skilled workforce.

Employee Insights

Do you bring experience to the table or are you a new comer to the manufacturing industry? Take our assessment today to discover where you stand! This is the starting point for your career journey, unlock your opportunity now.  

Share your resume with us and we will review it to guide you on the right path to success. We aim to help you find the perfect fit by providing you with the necessary resources, where your skills and talents can flourish.