From 2024 through 2027, every day 11,200 Americans turn 65— or over 4.1 million every year.


Meanwhile, the nature of work on the manufacturing floor is rapidly changing due to emerging technologies and disruptive forces, such as automation and Industry 4.0.


CAMA plays a pivotal role in ensuring that companies across Colorado have access to a skilled and qualified workforce to continue to grow their business.


Our commitment to closing the manufacturing skills gap is evident through our partnerships, such as with MSU Denver’s Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Program.  CAMA understands the importance of upskilling and reskilling existing workers.


Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, CAMA is here to help!

For the Manufacturing Employer

Hire new employees through a platform dedicated to manufacturing.

You can create your company profile and include videos describing your company and work culture.

You will have your own dashboard to manage postings, adjust skills needs and requirements, and keep track of the number of jobs listed.

Job seekers’ can apply directly to your open roles and share their assessment results or resume.

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For the Job Seeker

With automation and the new industrial revolution, manufacturers need new talent excited to make a difference.

Is this you? Take our assessment today to discover where you stand! Learn if a manufacturing career suits you. Get started here.


Are you ready to start your training? Introduction to manufacturing classes are forming now. To start your career pathway, email JumpStart@co-cama.org.