Specialty Service Providers

Specialty Service Provider Members offer unique and specific expertise to help benefit manufacturers’ businesses.

Business Excellence Group

The Business Excellence Group helps optimize companies in all industries and of all sizes. Our expertise is in 6 core areas; strategy, structure, people systems, methods and tools (such as Lean, Six Sigma, ISO), lateral processes, and metrics. We partner with companies to conduct a self-assessment against the 6 areas, which will help focus improvement efforts. This system and method is great for companies interested in selling their business at an optimal price. This process enables the owners to get a premium for their life’s investment. Or post-acquisition to create a plan to maximize the investment. Or anyone interested in improving their operation. For any CAMA member, we are offering a free (no obligation) assessment and report-out session to analyze where opportunities exist for improvement.


TalenTrust was founded in 2003 on a mission to disrupt and modernize the stagnant, transaction-based, and less-than-people-oriented recruitment industry. Based on our belief that putting people first and building relationships is a viable and strategic business model, we discovered that you can be kind and high performing at the same time. We’ve experimented, innovated, tested, lived, and developed expert and affordable processes and practices that we’ve shared with our fellow high-growth clients across the country. The result has been unimagined opportunity and growth—and an amazing story we’re proud to tell. Contact Info: 303-838-3334 or connections@talentrust.com