B2B Lounge

CAMA’s B2B Lounges are receptions providing an opportunity for Colorado manufacturers to connect with each other and develop new business. Our B2B Lounges have resulted in millions of dollars in new sales to Colorado companies through business introductions and connections.

Plant Tours

The Plant Tours are hosted by member companies and offer an opportunity to learn best practices and business processes by observing operations in other manufacturing facilities.

M2M Leads Groups

An informal setting for sales team members to exchange leads to promote manufacturer-to-manufacturer business. M2M Leads Groups allow CAMA members to do business with one another. This means shortened lead times, reduced transportation costs, increased profitability and supporting manufacturing in the state.

C-Suite Exchange Groups

C-Suite Exchange Groups leverage the power of peer-to-peer sharing in a confidential setting that encourages an open exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices. These groups are open to personnel in finance, management, human resources, plant operations, and other C-level positions who wish to collaborate to improve business and effectiveness.

Several industry-specific groups such as food & beverage, electronics, tooling & machining, and women’s groups have formed to allow members to collaborate, share information, and address issues common to companies in similar fields.