“At CAMA, we are committed to providing Colorado’s mid-size manufacturers with the resources and support they need on a daily basis from expert consultants and member directories to educational seminars and networking events. ” – Daron Linton, Chief Operating Officer | Events Manager, CAMA

10 good reasons mid-sized manufacturers should join CAMA

1. Increase Databases

CAMA provides mid-size manufacturing members with numerous opportunities to connect with fellow manufacturers, advisors, and suppliers to build their databases, acquire leads, discover new business practices, and develop strategic business partnerships.

2. Company Recognition

CAMA recognizes successful mid-size manufacturers as industry leaders and gives select members opportunities to speak at events, offer facility tours, and share best practices and success stories.

3. Streamline Processes

Whether it’s helping discover innovative business practices or connecting members with fellow manufacturers, trusted advisors, and allied enterprises, CAMA provides tools, resources, and collaboration opportunities to help mid-size manufacturers streamline processes and increase profits.

4. Workforce Development

Many middle market manufacturers struggle with training and retaining staff, but through strategic partnerships, funding, and student education programs, CAMA works to fill the workforce pipeline and helps mid-market manufacturing members find qualified job candidates, train and retain employees, discover internship funding, and advance their business.

5. Business Advancement

CAMA provides tools, resources, and collaboration opportunities to help mid-sized manufacturers develop and grow their businesses. Whether it is discovering innovative business practices or connecting with fellow manufacturers of similar company size and revenue, trusted advisors, and allied enterprises to streamline business processes, CAMA is the central location for Colorado manufacturers who want to advance their business and drive success.

6. Exclusive Member Programs

CAMA offers member programs to promote manufacturer-to-manufacturer business, peer-to-peer sharing, and member networking, all critical to mid-size manufacturers.

  • CAMA’s M2M Leads Groups provide an informal setting for sales team members of CAMA to exchange leads to drive business, creating shortened lead times, reduced transportation costs, increase profitability, and industry support.
  • CAMA’s C-Suite Exchange Groups provide a confidential setting that encourages an open exchange of ideas, experience, processes, and best practices among C-Level manufacturers
7. Strategic Resources

CAMA offers members access to strategic resources to assist with issues mid-sized manufacturers face including government regulations, workforce and talent, awareness, purchasing, global market entry, and more including:

  • NAM Manufacturer’s Marketplace
  • Expert advisors
  • Membership directory
  • Online community posts to engage in discussions on manufacturing-related issues, solutions, and opportunities
  • Member web profiles to expand members’ online reach and develop new business
  • Committee involvement opportunities
  • Free resources linking businesses with job seekers
8. Trusted Advisors

CAMA connects members to expert consultants and advisors that provide insights and services manufacturers can take advantage of to effectively function and grow their business.

  1. Associate Members are companies that provide services manufacturers utilize on a regular basis in the Banking, Accounting, Insurance, and Legal fields.
  2. Specialty Services are individuals or companies that bring unique expertise to CAMA members to help benefit manufacturing businesses.
9. Presentation Opportunities

CAMA gives experienced mid-size manufacturing members opportunities to share their business practices and experiences to expand their presence in the community, gain peer recognition, and communicate effective strategies.

10. B2B Networking

CAMA runs B2B networking and educational events and tours that provide mid-size manufacturing members the opportunity to connect with fellow manufacturers, develop new business, and learn effective business practices, ultimately helping their business grow more rapidly.

  • Tours are hosted by CAMA members and give attendees the opportunity to observe operations of different manufacturing facilities helping them discover new processes and best practices.
  • Following the tours are B2B Lounges – a networking reception focused on connecting manufacturers and introducing new business.

Listen to what others are saying about CAMA

I have been in the manufacturing industry nearly all my life, over 30 years in Colorado Springs. Having been active in the industry all these years I’ve joined various groups through local organizations. Past attempts to galvanize the industry have not been sustainable, largely because they were not driven by manufacturers.  The creation of CAMA provides a new opportunity for synergy in our industry.  In particular CAMA South gives the manufacturing industry in southern Colorado a new structure through which to engage. Driven by local industry, CAMA South provides great networking opportunities to learn and share with others in our region.  I believe a healthy manufacturing eco system requires collaboration and CAMA South is an excellent platform. Along with our community partners, we will raise the bar and do our part to drive economic prosperity in the region.

Tom Neppl

President and CEO, Springs Fabrication

CAMA is a proud member of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). As a NAM member, CAMA is your source for Colorado and U.S. manufacturing information. CAMA serves as a conduit of valuable information for our members including legislation and national manufacturing initiatives like the Manufacturers Marketplace.

The Manufacturers Marketplace is a nationwide manufacturing database designed to bring together companies looking to expand their market and/or secure their supply chain.  It provides the most comprehensive search capability including locations, processes, certifications, NAICS & SIC codes, capabilities and much more.  It allows for unlimited searches and constant profile updating.

CAMA has partnered with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to develop and offer this database to manufacturers of all sizes, on a nationwide basis.  CAMA and the NAM are continually reaching out to manufacturers to encourage enrollment so profiles can be completed and searching for the perfect partner can begin.

CAMA is the only entity in Colorado to offer this resource.

Benefits for mid-sized manufacturers:

  • Nationwide EXPOSURE

  • Control of your profile content

  • Ability to update your profile as your capabilities and market offerings change

  • An affordable and efficient way to market your company

  • An efficient way to search for suppliers