Gates Corporation supports the growth of the manufacturing industry in Colorado, and we value CAMA’s support for the community and industry overall because we grow faster and stronger when we are united.  Furthermore, I have personally grown through the networking and professional development offered by CAMA. -Cindy Cookson, Gates Corporation

10 good reasons large manufacturers should join CAMA

1. Industry Leader Recognition

CAMA recognizes the impact large manufacturers have on the state’s vitality and as industry leaders they have opportunities to speak at events, offer facility tours, and share best practices and success stories, and are seen by members and peers as the best of the best.

2. Presentation Opportunities

CAMA gives large manufacturing members and industry leaders opportunities to expand their presence in the community, gain peer recognition, and share business strategies for Colorado manufacturers.

3. Qualified Business Connections

CAMA provides members with numerous opportunities to connect with fellow manufacturers to drive business, contribute to company growth, and develop strategic partnerships and alliances with companies of similar standings.

4. Enhanced Reputation

CAMA helps large manufacturers build their reputation in the community, make business connections, and be viewed as an active leader in the Colorado manufacturing industry.

5. Streamline Processes

CAMA provides tools, resources, and collaboration opportunities to help large manufacturers streamline processes and increase profits. Whether it is discovering innovative business practices or connecting with fellow manufacturers, trusted advisors, and allied enterprises to improve processes, CAMA is the central location for Colorado manufacturers who want to grow and advance their business.

6. Industry Development

CAMA drives the advancement of manufacturing in Colorado by promoting innovative approaches to research and development and fostering market diversification and workforce development to help Colorado manufacturers gain more support, grow their businesses, increase revenues, and improve their bottom lines.

7. Workforce Development

CAMA works to fill the workforce pipeline and helps large manufacturing members find qualified job candidates, train and retain employees, and advance their business. Learn more about our Workforce Development programs at Workforce Development

8. Exclusive Member Programs

CAMA offers member programs to promote B2B networking, manufacturer-to manufacturer business, and peer-to-peer sharing to help large manufacturers continue to build their business network, grow their supplier and prospect databases, make connections, and share effective business practices and processes.

  • CAMA’s M2M Leads Groups provide an informal setting for sales team members of CAMA to exchange leads to drive business, creating shortened lead times, reduced transportation costs, increase profitability, and industry support.
  • CAMA’s C-Suite Exchange Groups provide a confidential setting that encourages an open exchange of ideas, experience, processes, and best practices among C-Level manufacturers
9. Trusted Advisors

CAMA connects members to expert consultants and advisors that provide insights and services large manufacturers can take advantage of to effectively grow their business.

  1. Associate Members are companies that provide services manufacturers utilize on a regular basis in the Banking, Accounting, Insurance, and Legal fields.
  2. Specialty Services are individuals or companies that bring unique expertise to CAMA members to help benefit manufacturing businesses.
10. B2B Networking

CAMA runs B2B networking and educational events and tours that provide large manufacturing members the opportunity to connect with fellow manufacturers, develop new business, and learn effective business practices, ultimately contributing to continued growth and expansion of large manufacturing companies.

  • Tours are hosted by CAMA members and give attendees the opportunity to observe operations of different manufacturing facilities helping them discover new processes and best practices.
  • Following the tours are B2B Lounges – a networking reception focused on connecting manufacturers and introducing new business.

Listen to what others are saying about CAMA

Our primary membership benefits are the networking and ultimately understanding the issues fellow members are actually facing. As we grow and need additional services from around the state, CAMA is a great place to start the search to keep everything local. Other benefits include the initiatives CAMA is working on including the workforce development and apprenticeship programs.

Mike Gunner

President, Mikron

From a company standpoint, the member programs and committees CAMA has in place related to processes involving electronics, 3D printing and other advanced manufacturing technologies are beneficial. CAMA’s workforce development efforts including the Careerwise apprenticeship program will help feed a pipeline for our hourly employees. We are also excited about what is happening in manufacturing across the nation. Currently, we are experiencing the next industrial revolution and visibility and interest is being generated across the nation. CAMA reinforces this in Colorado and shines a spotlight on the criticality of continuing our state and nation’s commitment to the next generation of manufacturing. 

Mark Yoss

Production Principal, Lockheed Martin Space Systems

CAMA is a proud member of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). As a NAM member, CAMA is your source for Colorado and U.S. manufacturing information. CAMA serves as a conduit of valuable information for our members including legislation and national manufacturing initiatives like the Manufacturers Marketplace.

The Manufacturers Marketplace is a nationwide manufacturing database designed to bring together companies looking to expand their market and/or secure their supply chain.  It provides the most comprehensive search capability including locations, processes, certifications, NAICS & SIC codes, capabilities and much more.  It allows for unlimited searches and constant profile updating.

CAMA has partnered with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to develop and offer this database to manufacturers of all sizes, on a nationwide basis.  CAMA and the NAM are continually reaching out to manufacturers to encourage enrollment so profiles can be completed and searching for the perfect partner can begin.

CAMA is the only entity in Colorado to offer this resource.

Benefits for large manufacturers:

  • Comprehensive, precise search ability based on manufacturers’ capabilities

  • Instant access to hundreds of thousands of manufacturers across the country

  • Meaningful search fields like processes, certifications, products, NAICS & SIC Codes

  • Efficient and cost-effective supply chain diversification and risk mitigation tool at your fingertips