American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Rocky Mountain Section 9th Annual Technical Symposium

Annual Technical Symposium, brings together the regional leaders, technical experts, and academia in the aerospace and aeronautics industry.  ATS is a forum to help shape the future of the industry, a place for people in all stages of their career to gather, network, and collaborate. It is a place to learn a new process, gather inspiration, and make the connection to turn that inspiration into reality.

This day-long symposium is in its ninth year and will be held on Wednesday, September 29th at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the University Memorial Center.


Call for Abstracts: ATS is now accepting abstract submissions for technical and poster presentations in Advanced Manufacturing:  The Advanced Manufacturing focus area explores the innovative technologies and methods of fabricating aerospace components, structures and electronics. These can include but are not limited to additive manufacturing, CAD/CAM integration, advanced materials processing, molding, and software controls etc.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Please submit a ~500 word abstract on your presentation here.

Selected presentations are 15-30 minutes in length and require only a presentation one week in advance. Posters require a 48″x60″ poster and .pdf file in advance. Abstract submissions are due Friday August 13th 2021.


REGISTRATION FOR ATS 2021 is opening soon.
EARLY BIRD PRICING: Tickets from $10 (Student Member/no lunch) – $85 (Professional Non-member)*

Help Sponsor ATS
: ATS is an excellent way to reach the aerospace community in Colorado through Wyoming and Montana.

Attendance includes industry leaders, technical experts and students. Multiple levels of sponsorship are available making this a high value opportunity to increase exposure as well as help RM-AIAA fund our professional development and educational outreach activities. Click here to learn more.