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Empowering creators: Solving the human capital puzzle in manufacturing

Original Posting (July 23rd 2016): Cindy Cookson, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Gates Corporation | CompanyWeek  All credit goes to Cindy Cookson for writing this blog, “Empowering creators: Solving the human capital puzzle in manufacturing”. The...

Students Explore Career Possibilities in Advanced Manufacturing

Original Posting (May 23rd): Emily Dykes | DPS CareerConnect  All credit goes to Emily Dykes for her hard work on this article. CAMA thanks Emily for writing this blog and taking amazing pictures at "Empowering Creators". Students Explore Career Possibilities in...

CAMA on workforce, part 4: Cultivating the next generation

Original Posting: Company Week When it comes to the manufacturing workforce, CAMA is talking the talk and walking the walk. The first three articles in this four-part series on workforce development have focused on actionable opportunities for manufacturers to build...