Original Posting (May 23rd): Emily Dykes | DPS CareerConnect 

All credit goes to Emily Dykes for her hard work on this article. CAMA thanks Emily for writing this blog and taking amazing pictures at “Empowering Creators”.

Students Explore Career Possibilities in Advanced Manufacturing – DPS CareerConnect

Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance and the Gates Corporation hosted an event called “Empowering Creators” last week at the company’s Customer Solutions Center in Englewood  that helped give 8th graders a better understanding of advanced manufacturing and spark an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers.EmpoweringCreators_4423

Students were assigned to different companies and were then tasked with building a Mars Space Rover. Five different student-run companies were represented and each were made up of a product engineer, production engineer, finance manager, marketing manager, and a purchasing manager. 

The goal of the project was to build a Lego rover that would go a certain distance, be built according to a certain set of standards, and the teams had to work within the boundaries of the parts they were given and their financial situation. Once their rover was built, the marketing manager was responsible to pitch their product to a panel of experts and sell their company.

In the photo below, students are debating whether they can afford to buy the part they needed:

EmpoweringCreators_4461Tim Heaton, President of CAMA, said, “There’s a spirit of competition, there’s a spirit of cooperation. We’ve gotta get more kids plugged into doing things with their hands, to get them trained and excited about manufacturing.”

It’s programs like these that give students a greater understanding of their career possibilities. 

DPS CareerConnect is so grateful to work with the Gates Corporation and CAMA. And CAMA is grateful to have a strong partnership with Gates Corporation in creating a workforce pipeline for Colorado and eventually the nation.