Specialty Services

Specialty Services are a person or company that brings unique expertise to manufacturing members on a more specific, case by case basis.

Arch Engineering and Science
Arch Engineering and Science is a collection of industry leading consultants, engineers, scientists, technicians, and project managers in the fields of control engineering, manufacturing operations management, change management, continuous improvement and predictive analytics.

Expense Reduction Analysts
With over 700 consultants and analysts in 30 countries worldwide, ERA is the largest supply chain management firm of its kind. The company has 41 separate and specialized practice groups managing projects ranging from core manufacturing materials & consumables, packaging, fleet, logistics, insurance (including health & benefits) and general business support services. ERA has a particular focus on the manufacturing vertical, with hundred’s of manufacturing clients. Our approach is advisory and we are typically paid through success fees. We work with thousands of suppliers however never accept any supplier payments or volume discounts.

Heppner + Bourque
Heppner + Bourque is a creative services group focused on the custom imagery and marketing needs of manufacturers. We specialize in the creation of brochures, packaging, product photography, large format and digital communications to help your products stand above the rest.

At our core, Hoptocopter™ Films is a Colorado video production company that seeks to make powerful corporate films and wonderful customer experiences. We’re a team of entrepreneurs, storytellers, and creatives with a passion for creating films that both we and our clients are proud of. Say hello at https://hoptocopter.com.