members-loginmembers-joinWe are manufacturers representing the manufacturing industry. We have come together as an alliance to advance and strengthen manufacturing in Colorado. Our members consist of manufacturers from all over the state – startups to multi-billion dollar corporations and breweries to aerospace.


“Our membership in CAMA has been well worth the investment. The networking has been invaluable and we have taken advantage of several educational opportunities. Through a referral from Tim Heaton, we earned a new customer, and this business relationship continues to growth. CAMA has done a great job in promoting manufacturing in Colorado and Palmer DCS is proud to be a member.” – Lynn Weberg, President of Palmer Drives Controls and Systems


“Through my involvement with CAMA, I have developed new relationships with other Colorado Manufacturers that have resulted in new profitable business for my company.” – Grady Cope, President of Reata Engineering 

Membership Levels

There are several membership levels and types available. Each membership is designed to optimize the benefits that are most desirable to the particular member. The membership types are listed below:

Manufacturing Membership
This membership is for companies that manufacture a product. We would love for you to join our organization as we continue to advance and assist manufacturers’ growth in Colorado. With this membership, benefits include: workforce development (including the Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude), education and collaboration, advocacy, and vendor/supply chain vetting.Additional benefits are available based on the level of membership.

Associate Membership
Associate Members are an integral part of CAMA’s ability to grow manufacturing throughout the state. We rely on their business acumen to advise and support our manufacturing members. Membership benefits include: major event sponsorship, executive leadership programs, manufacturing round tables and co-branded strategic marketing campaigns. Our Associate Members also have the ability to sponsor small manufacturing companies throughout Colorado.

Vendor Membership
Our Vendor Membership provides vendors the opportunity to serve CAMA manufacturing members. Vendor members play a key role in our events and programs. With this membership, benefits include: appropriate member recommendations to manufacturers, workforce development, and recognition for excellent services provided.

Other Memberships
Education, Non-Profit Partnerships and Government/Community Entities. We also partner with regional Micro-Manufacturers

Since our memberships are tailored to our members, we recommend you contact us at 720-274-9798 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.