Existing Workforce Committee

Chair: Cindy Cookson,  Gates Corporation


  • Establish framework for manufacturing boot camp and execute one pilot
  • Support training and certifications to attract and retain manufacturing workforce
  • Facilitate CareerWise involvement from manufacturers
  • Create focused strategies for recruiting and training the existing workforce into manufacturing
  • Identify critical occupations in need;


CAMA provides the following unbroken continuum of kindergarten through high school programs
to engage, inspire and motivate students to pursue a career in manufacturing.

Primary School (K-5)
Objective: Encourage Creation, Ingenuity, Resourcefulness

The Cardboard Challenge is a celebration of childhood creativity, and the role communities play in fostering hands-on learning. K-5 students are challenged to create and build a project using cardboard, recycled materials, and their imagination.

Middle School (6-8)
Objective: Explore Career Paths, Experiment

Empowering Creators™ is an experiential learning program where students spend a day using Powered Lego Kits to gain an understanding and appreciation of the major activities that go into manufacturing a product. From design to purchasing, and marketing to finance, students, are encouraged to consider the vast career opportunities available in manufacturing and pursue an education that leads to rewarding and high paying jobs in their future.

High School (9-12)
Objective: Develop Strategy, Career Pathway Planning

CAMA piloted CareerWise Colorado™ (formerly known as BASIC) to support the development of hands-on experience by turning businesses into classrooms through pre-apprenticeships and registered apprenticeships.

CAMA MetroAlliance Building & Networking Committee

Chair: Laura Roybal, Terumo BCT


  • Recruit and build out MMP participation by manufacturers
  • Navigate and build awareness of supports and resources available to manufacturers
  • Add voice, weight, and value to existing policy advocacy groups where possible and appropriate.
  • Develop and implement a strategic PSA campaign
  • Implement a series of roundtables specific to organizational roles (HR, Operations, etc.)
  • Keep the Calendar updated for “All Things Manufacturing” in the Denver area
  • Ongoing recruitment and expansion
  • Other activities as demanded (field trips)
  • Annual Policy Advocacy Events
    • July Legislative Brown Bag Lunch
    • November Legislative Forum

Youth Pipeline Committee

Co-Chairs: Kim Hagel, REO and Frank Gonzales, Geotech


  • Determine How to Expose Counselors and Teachers to Modern Manufacturing.
    • CAMA
    • Program for CTE Instructors
    • Industry input on new CTE programs
    • Manufacturing leaders to attend educational meetings
    • Girls Only Manufacturing Days
    • Summer exposure programs
    • Externships
    • RET-Research Exposure for Teachers
    • Internships + Teachers
  • Identify Pathways for students to explore and enter careers
    • Ask manufacturers to fund cost for transportation for students to visit their sites
    • Bring industry problems to schools
    • Colorado Career Action Tools.com
    • Bookmarks
    • Business to Business Presentations and Pathways
  • Identify skills needed by Manufacturers
    • Skillful/ONET
    • Specific Skills
    • Burning Glass
    • Virtual job shadow