We are manufacturers for manufacturers not run by any government entity. Join CAMA South as we advance the manufacturing industry in Colorado. CAMA South, formerly Pikes Peak Manufacturing Partnership, is a membership driven manufacturing group focused on supporting and growing manufacturing in Southern Colorado. Our region includes manufacturers, suppliers, educators, and other organizations that actively support manufacturing. CAMA spans all across Colorado, however, the geographical focus of the CAMA South Chapter includes all of Southern Colorado – from Castle Rock to Trinidad and Alamosa to La Junta. We will engage in Southern Colorado with local manufacturers, other manufacturing groups and regional community partners also serving the manufacturing industry.


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InFusion: Advances in Metallic Additive Manufacturing

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Here in Colorado Springs, CAMA South’s mission is to be the voice of manufacturing in Southern Colorado to support a thriving manufacturing industry through advocacy, awareness, workforce development, supply chain development, and networking. I joined CAMA South to help grow the manufacturing industry and our surrounding communities. We have grown over the years and plan to grow and help local manufacturers across Southern Colorado. We have monthly meetings and InFusions that help out manufacturers as we continue to strive for excellence and efficiency.  – Tom Neppl, Chair of CAMA South, Owner of Springs Fabrication, Inc. 

CAMA South operates on a true sector partnership model; manufacturers lead, community partner supported. While the state organization focuses on issues of statewide importance, the CAMA South chapter has the autonomy to focus on issues that relate specifically to our region.

Want to learn more about CAMA South? Contact Randy Scott at RandyScott@co-cama.org 

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Advancing the Manufacturing Community

“Qualtek interfaces with CAMA South on a number of platforms.  We see the benefit of manufacturing companies willing to engage our community and build a lasting relationship with the future workforce and policy makers.  Our customers and our suppliers are also engaged with CAMA South and CAMA statewide.  It makes business sense for us to be active in the community, building upon what is taking place right here in southern Colorado.” Christopher Fagnant, President of Qualtek Manufacturing

“Spire joined the CAMA organization due to the conversations about the ever changing landscape in manufacturing. The country and Colorado are entering the 4th industrial revolution and we need to be having technology and workforce conversations now. The manufacturing landscape is open, changing from competitive to collaborative, and CAMA embraces those efforts. I believe the strength of the state starts with the regional sectors that builds upon knowledge from each region.  That is why SPIRE joined CAMA South….you should too.” Tony Feltman, President and Owner of SPIRE Manufacturing Solutions

“I have been in the manufacturing industry nearly all my life, over 30 years in Colorado Springs. Having been active in the industry all these years I’ve joined various groups through local organizations. Past attempts to galvanize the industry have not been sustainable, largely because they were not driven by manufacturers.  The creation of CAMA provides a new opportunity for synergy in our industry.  In particular CAMA South gives the manufacturing industry in southern Colorado a new structure through which to engage. Driven by local industry, CAMA South provides great networking opportunities to learn and share with others in our region.  I believe a healthy manufacturing eco system requires collaboration and CAMA South is an excellent platform. Along with our community partners, we will raise the bar and do our part to drive economic prosperity in the region.” Tom Neppl, President and CEO of Springs Fab

“I have been involved with CAMA South for over two years.  I am exceptionally proud to be associated with this organization.  The benefits of meeting people in the local manufacturing industry are an asset to my business.  The camaraderie of knowing we are all local and able to join forces to get things done in our community that pertains to manufacturing has been a great tool.” Jay Palace, President of Linear Manufacturing

“After being in business for more than 16 years and having been involved in a number of local professional organizations without seeing a lot of success, I was skeptical when asked to join CAMA South. After being an active participant for the past three years I have come to realize that not only is this a successful organization, but it has brought additional success and business to my company. Those that I once saw as competitors have now become strong allies as we work together to support one another and the growth of manufacturing in Southern Colorado and Colorado as a whole.

I wholeheartedly support and endorse CAMA South and the great efforts of this local organization to strengthen and grow manufacturing in Colorado, including a strong emphasis on Department of Defense work.” Dave Jeffrey, President of JPM Prototype & Mfg., Inc.