Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA) is more than a member organization, it’s a manufacturing alliance driving innovation and collaboration to strengthen Colorado’s manufacturing ecosystem.  Building the workforce of the future and driving the adoption of advanced technologies and processes, we grow manufacturing.

The Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA) was formed in 2012 as Colorado’s only trade association focused singularly on manufacturing. Created by manufacturers, for manufacturers, CAMA acts as the voice of manufacturing to help your business advance and grow. CAMA is a member driven organization in which all board and executive members have a deep vested interest in the success of the organization as a whole, and the businesses of each member. As an organization we share a common goal of advancing manufacturing in the state of Colorado and making it better and easier to do business here.

What is “Advanced Manufacturing”?
Rather than defining Advanced Manufacturing, CAMA asks…“Are you Advancing?”

CAMA exists with the sole purpose to advance manufacturing across the state of Colorado.  Continuous improvement is what makes manufacturers better.  Rather than trying to determine whether a particular company or sector can be defined as “Advanced Manufacturing”, CAMA aims to help every company advance through process improvements, adoption of innovative technologies and the use of other tools which increase performance and profitability. Focused on the state of Colorado as a whole, CAMA is committed to “Always Advancing” manufacturing.

Some people misinterpret this because they do not see themselves as a manufacturer. Here is an example: A small brewery makes the switch to an accounting software after using Excel to do their bookkeeping for the past 3 years.  This is an example of advancing manufacturing because this company is upgrading to a new tool that will advance and streamline their business process. Advanced manufacturing companies improve the performance of US industry through the innovative application of technologies, processes and methods to enhance product design and production across the board.