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As the only trade association in Colorado focused on manufacturing, CAMA aims to make manufacturing vogue all over the state. CAMA is working to foster a strong and expanding manufacturing base here in Colorado for today and tomorrow. CAMA is connecting our young people to the promising career paths offered by manufacturing and ensuring a workforce pipeline to meet the needs of growing manufacturers.

CAMA strives to educate manufacturers through our “Advanced-U” programs with information and strategies that will help them better succeed. CAMA’s signature B2B Lounge connects people and businesses throughout the manufacturing industry to drive business development opportunities.

Our Program of Work focuses on specific activities that will Rebrand, Restructure, Rebuild, and Revitalize Colorado’s manufacturing sector. This Four “R” Program of Work has been designed to provide the tools necessary for manufacturing businesses to be successful while connecting the dots between the reasons for growing manufacturing business in Colorado, and the workforce necessary to support industry growth.

CAMA is an innovative business organization created by manufacturers for manufacturers. CAMA’s members understand that manufacturing doesn’t advance by chance, but by change.

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Contact CAMA if you are a proud Colorado manufacturer and wish to show it.

Any manufacturer will proudly tell you that manufacturing is alive and well. Every day, Colorado manufacturers are pushing the limits of what’s possible in meeting the needs of tomorrow, and they want the rest of the state to know. That is why manufacturers are working together to raise awareness and understanding of the positive impact that manufacturing has on Colorado’s economy.

CAMA’s Rebrand activities that will raise the awareness and positive understanding of the impact that manufacturing has on Colorado’s economy. From the surgical devices, robotics, flat panels, to space vehicles, Colorado’s manufacturers are quiet, hidden resources. CAMA is committed to getting the word out that Colorado’s manufacturing sector is “open for business.”

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Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, and Senator Michael Bennet tour CAMA Member Intertech Plastics to learn about issues facing Colorado Manufacturers.

Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, and Senator Michael Bennet tour CAMA Member Intertech Plastics to learn about issues facing Colorado Manufacturers.

Colorado manufacturers are working hard to discover and implement new ways to produce more of their product with less, raising quality while lowering costs.

Innovative technology and process alone will not create the ecosystem for Colorado manufacturers to compete in the 21st Century economy. It is more important than ever for Colorado’s Workforce professionals to sharpen their focus on training individuals so they can move into the advanced manufacturing jobs of the 21st Century. Yet, the goal must always be for our workforce training professionals to be moving in concert with the industry

CAMA is working with existing alliances to restructure public polices, from taxes to K-16 education programs, to align them with objectives that advance manufacturing in the state of Colorado, making it better and easier to do business here.

Colorado manufacturers are working to help Colorado maintain its leadership role in innovation with policies that support advancement, growth and job creation.
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CAMA is committed to implementing new and supporting existing programs that engage, inspire and motivate K-16 students to pursue STEM and other manufacturing careers

Imagine graduating from high school with a job paying $31 – 45,000 or more per year, without student loans. This is a reality for aspiring manufacturers. Yet, according to the Manufacturing Institute, only 35% of parents encourage their children to pursue a career in manufacturing. On average, every manufacturing job supports 2.5 jobs in other sectors. Manufacturing jobs, with an average wage of $62,000 pay approximately 25% more in wages and benefits than the combined average for all other industries in the state.

Yet, according to the Department of Labor, the median age of the manufacturing workforce rose from 40.5 years in 2000 to 44.1 years in 2011, demonstrating that we are not adding new young workers into the workforce.

To continue to grow manufacturing in Colorado, we absolutely must connect our young people to the promising career paths offered by manufacturing. CAMA’s Rebuild campaign is dedicated to rebuilding a manufacturing workforce pipeline. These programs have been designed to provide multiple activities at different grade levels and allows manufacturers to engage with the educational system as partners. Continue reading



CAMA’s, Advance-U programs, B2B Lounges, and conferences are designed to be a platform for idea sharing, business development professional, and networking to advanced Colorado manufacturers.

CAMA’s revitalization efforts are for those who want to design and create their future.

CAMA delivers monthly educational seminars through our “Advanced-U” program. The Advance-U Program provides tools and resources for manufacturers to successfully advance their technology, and manufacturing processes to increase speed to market, and profitability.

Our weekly “Best Practices” provides tested and proven knowledge on the topics critical to manufacturing success.

CAMA’s signature B2B Lounge is the place where forward thinking manufacturers go to find new business leads and gain introductions to other manufacturers. The B2B Lounge is for manufacturers that understand that face-to-face meetings is still the best way to drive sales and expand opportunities.

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Strength in numbers…

CAMA utilizes the combined purchasing clout of its membership to develop strategic partnerships with the vendors necessary for success. Taking advantage of these programs will provide a savings that will more than off-set the cost of your annual CAMA dues. Click here to visit the Member Discount Page.Member-Discount-Logos2