CAMA is Member-Supported

CAMA is Member-Focused

CAMA is Member-Led

We provide the tools necessary for your business to be successful:

  • Workforce Development
  • Job Creation/Wealth Creation tools
  • Educational Events
  • Access to Capital

Created by manufacturers for manufacturers, CAMA is committed to meeting the needs of Colorado manufacturers. Together we can build a strong and advanced manufacturing ecosystem within our great state.

Membership Discounts

Your membership in CAMA provides an immediate return on investment through a variety of discounts and valuable services including:

  • 20-30% discount on freight services through Recon Logistics.
  • 20% off your negotiated mark-up percent for the first two weeks of staffing services through PrimeSource Staffing.
  • 15-50% discount to the suite of services offered by WorkLife Partnerships.

Taking advantage of these programs will provide a savings that will more than off-set the cost of your annual CAMA dues.

Did you know?

  • The average annually salary for the manufacturing industry in Colorado is $60,000 (2010 data), 25% higher than the average for all other industries combined.
  • Manufacturing represents about 6% of all jobs in the state with more than 120,000 manufacturing employees.
  • Nationally, manufacturing generates almost 20 million high-paying jobs or 10 percent of employment
  • Manufacturing is the state’s 4th largest private industry in terms of output, making it arguably the largest “traded cluster” in the state.
  • Colorado was one of 11 sates to grow its exports in double in digit percentages from 2011 to 2012—up to a record $8.2 billion from $7.3 billion.